Thursday, June 08, 2006

Music Shopping In Well, Cowtown

I love perusing through used CD's. I generally don't have the money to buy a new CD, and I feel somewhat uneasy supporting Best Buy, especially after they slashed prices on all the indie titles in an effort to level a final death blow to the one, maybe two mom-and-pop record stores still open in the United States.

Unfortunately, Fort Worth is not record-store central, so I found myself sadly going through the 250 assorted Phil Collins' CD's at Half-Price Books. But, then, just down Hulen, I found a nice alternative.

CD Warehouse is a chain, and I like to consider myself, not a chain person, but the difference is with the Warehouse's staff. A group of about three guys who a) smoke right outside the door about every twenty minutes b) and otherwise sit around and listen to records or watch music documentaries. Last time I was in there, it was the Charlie Parker section of Ken Burns Jazz.

On my last visit, I noticed a concert bill from Scott Stapp's recent show at the Ridglea, hung upside down with "So many musicians to kill" written in red ink.

Anyway, these are guys who take the time not only to spereate Pop/Rock from Punk/Indie, but also take the time to stock new indie Cd's from bands touring in the area, or the nobodies that I go into the record store to find. Everytime I've been there, as well, at least two of them will get into a mildly heated Sonic Youth-Goo-vs.-Daydream Nation-type discussion. I've found the prices to be equal to or less than the average CD at Best Buy as well.

Anyone else know of a good store in the area.


Blogger Steve said...

That CD Warehouse is my favorite for Ft. Worth... There used to be one on Berry St. across from TCU, but the Paschal students shoplifted so often, it just wasn't profitable... (According to the staff people).

Of course, Forever Young Records in Arlington is amazing... The prices aren't great, but you can find pretty much anything there... And I like both of the CD World locations in Dallas. Haven't found the new Good Records location-- I hate it when my places move and I have to find them again...

5:46 PM  
Blogger John-Laurent said...

Yea, I was going to say Forever Young in Arlington. The staff are very knowledgeable and the selection is pretty good too. If they don't have something you can order it and they'll hold it for you, and if it should turn out you don't want it anymore they'll just stock it and sell it, no big deal.

8:20 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Well geez, went into the Border's at Hulen and 20, and the music section is being decimated... About half the room is empty and they don't have nearly the selection they used to... Grrr...

6:12 PM  

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